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Past Voter Guides

Town-wide and all Precinct Candidates

The Voter Guide Presents the Responses to a Question sent to All Town-Wide Office and all Town Meeting Member Candidates. It also contains information about Precincts, Polling Locations, and League of Women Voter of Belmont information.

Past Voter Guides

Your Vote Counts!

The Belmont LWV contacted all candidates for town-wide office as well as all Town Meeting Member candidates.

Each candidate was asked to respond to the following question: "Belmont citizens look to their elected officials for fair and responsible solutions to the issues facing their community. Please discuss an issue or two which you consider important to the future of the town, presenting your ideas for managing them effectively." Responses were limited to 70 words and printed verbatim as written by the candidates.

The resulting Voter Guide was mailed to each household in Belmont. For a copy,see below.

Voter Guide 2018
Voter Guide 2017
Voter Guide 2016